Matthew A. Donahue has been working within a variety of mediums in the creative arts, including outsider art, two and three-dimensional collage, street photography/ghetto-ography, and art cars. For his work in the art car medium, Donahue has won a few awards including Grand Prize Winner in the Painted Car Category at the Penzoil Art Car Weekend 2007, Editor’s Choice Award 2010 Detroit Maker Faire at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan and Most Innovative Art Car at the Hot Times Music and Arts Festival Columbus, Ohio in 2010. His inspiration comes from popular culture, and he uses artifacts of popular culture as the base of his creative vision. His work has been seen in art galleries, art festivals and museums nationwide. He has also lectured on the arts at conferences throughout the United States and Canada. In relation to education and the arts, he has conducted pop culture art workshops for youth in the United States, Scotland and Singapore, and has organized and co-organized artistic happenings as a method for fundraising for non-profit organizations.