Matthew A. Donahue has been involved in the creation, performance and production of music since the early 1980s, and ahead of his time with each musical project. Beginning with the regional Midwest punk scene in the United States, Donahue played in such groups as Guitar Heroes, St. Jude Travel Club, and Moms Apple Pie. By the late 1980s he was a vocalist for the punk/funk/rap group The Great Bar B-Que Gods. Who were the super group musically and creatively in the Midwest at that time, members of that group consisted of bass player Scott Shriner now in Weezer, guitarist Brad Coffin now in Five Horse Johnson, and drummer Tim Gahagan who has played live and recorded with a who's who of well known musicians over the years. Material was recorded with The Great Bar B-Que Gods that has recently resurfaced and there is a possibility the tracks may be released as a reissue project on vinyl or CD. In the early 1990s he hooked up with drummer Tim Gahagan again and regional rock legends guitarist Steve Sirotniyak, and bass player Miguel Oria to from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal/Motorlizzy mania inspired group Head. There is a live DVD of Head's legendary first performance titled "Night of the Living Head" available for purchase. By the mid 1990s and into the early 2000s he joined the music and art collective Universe Crew, which helped to establish the trip hop sound in the United States, Europe and Japan, working with the group as a vocalist, instrumentalist, co-producer and co-manager/promoter. The group was signed to Adrian Sherwood and Pete Holdsworth's On-U Sound/Green Tea Records from London, England, and released a twelve-inch single and album titled, "What's Inside Your Afro?" Universe Crew went on to team up with legendary Japanese super group Audio Active to release the highly successful "Turn of the Century EP." All of the Universe Crew sound recordings are available for purchase. Universe Crew went on to remix a single for Capitol recording artist Jeb Loy Nichols, and provide songs for documentary film-maker Harrod Blank film on art cars titled "Driving the Dream." Donahue worked with Stax records session guitarist Bobby Smith in 2001, producing an album titled "Smile" as a promotional demo for Mr. Smith. In a continued effort to pursue his passion, Donahue has maintained in the musical loop as a deejay/mc, and working in the rock and acoustic/folk genres, still bringing a social and political message to the people. More recently he has gone on to work on the rock/punk/metal inspired MAD 45 project. Currently MAD 45 has two albums out, a self-titled album "MAD 45" and the second album titled "So Goes the Nation." There are two new albums being written one tentatively titled "Seduction of the Innocent," which is a traditional MAD 45 punk rock and roll album with vocals. The other album is an instrumental guitar based album inspired by the likes of guitar instrumentalists Link Wray and Dick Dale, tentatively titled “Guitar Stories.” In addition there are a number of MAD 45 videos that are up on Youtube. MAD 45 has created compilations of the videos for the first two albums titled "The Forty Five Dollar Videos" and "So Goes the Nation the Videos." There are two MAD 45 live DVDs that are available "MAD 45: Live at the Black Swamp," which features the vocal material and “MAD 45: Broken Fingers Bootleg,” which features the instrumental guitar based material. To listen to MAD 45 music and see videos, please visit the MAD 45 MySpace or Facebook . Both albums are available on iTunes. Click here to purchase the first MAD 45 self titled album "MAD 45" and here for the second MAD 45 album "So Goes the Nation."

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